Moneyback warranties

The mission of our professional writing service is to provide you with the highest quality service that you deserve.

In case there is a situation, when something is wrong with the order, the client is eligible to open a dispute process. In this section you can see all the relevant and important steps in the dispute process. Average level of gratification of our clients regarding our services is 96.8%, but anyway there are some inconveniences and misunderstandings that cannot be avoided in some cases.

When the dispute process starts, usually it tales from 7 to 10 days to take a look and resolve the issue by the manager of the Dispute Department, it may take different amount of time depending on the issue and the communication with the client. Please, keep in contact with our company in order for us to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Please, check on the following cases, when the money back is possible:

• “I paid twice”- if there is a situation, when you accidently pay for the order twice, please contact our customer support team immediately and inform us about this issue. We will check the problem carefully and in case we have received more money that we were supposed to, you will get your money back very shortly.

The same process will take place in case of placing 2 similar orders at the same time.
• “No writer was assigned to accomplish my order”- Our Company wants to provide you with the highest quality papers, and that’s why we are looking for the most appropriate writer for each order, but sometimes, the instructions might be too difficult and there are cases occur when we cannot find the most suitable writer for you. If we do not find the writer to work on your paper, then we will refund your money back very shortly and will give you a discount for future orders with us (please contact the support team for a discount code). In case there is a revision to be accomplished and no writer was found, we will transfer this issue to our Dispute manager and we will define the amount of money to be refunded to you. Each situation is checked and resolved carefully and individually.
• “My paper was uploaded to me late”- In case your paper was late because you did not send us the required materials for the accomplishment of the paper on time, there is no option for issuing a refund. We can start working on the paper only after we received all the necessary information and additional materials for the order. We persistently ask you to send us the required materials for the paper immediately after placing an order. In case you have received your paper after the deadline, please contact the customer support and ask them to recalculate the price for you. In case you have an order with 3 hours deadline and the paper was sent to you for more than 17 minutes late, then the recalculation of the price as for the order with 8 hours deadline will take place. You will receive a piecemeal refund. In case the order with 7 days deadline is late, then the amount of 10% of the paid sum will be refunded to you.

Sometimes we request the client to provide us with the extension because of the complications in the order. In case you agree to provide us with an extension, then no refund is possible.

The client is eligible to request for money back only within 10 days, after the paper was delivered. After 10 days passed no money back can be requested.

• “My revision was sent to me late”- The recalculation of the price cannot be proceeded in this situation. In case the revised paper was uploaded for you after more than 30 minutes from the final deadline, you are eligible to open a dispute on this order, but please note that no other revisions will take place for this order. Our manager will resolve the issue within the established deadline and will do his/her best to find the most appropriate outcome for both parties. Every dispute is resolved individually, but please note that the maximum refund is 15% in this case.
• “The quality of the paper is inappropriate”- Our professional team do our best to provide clients with the highest quality service, however there are situations, when the customer is 100% pleased with the order.

Kindly, check on the situations when money back may take place:
• When the client has received the paper in the .pdf format and did not approve the order. If you did not approve the order yet, you are eligible to require countless amounts of revisions or start a dispute process. The amount of refunded money will be defined by our Dispute Department. In order to avoid any kind of fraud activity, our Dispute manager checks the paper prior to state how the issue will be resolved, he/she will check the paper on accordance with the specifications you have provided, plagiarism and other points of work. In order to start the dispute process, you have to provide us with the strong reasoning of why you would like to get your money back. Every situation is resolved differently and individually.
• The situation when you have approved the order and received the paper in the original .doc format. You are not able to get a full amount of money back in this situation. By approving the order, you consent that you are fully pleased with the accomplished of the paper. However, it is possible to get the maximum of 30% of the total sum of the order, depending on the situation.
• “I want to cancel my order”- In case you have decided to cancel the order before the writer was assigned, we will issue 100% refund for you. In case you decide to cancel the order before the half of the deadline has passed and the writer was assigned, we will issue a 70% refund to you, we have to pay the writer for the work that was done already. In case you decide to cancel the order after the half of the deadline has passed, and the writer has been already assigned, we can issue 35% of the refund only. In case you decide to cancel the order prior to the deadline expiration and the paper was already accomplished, we will not be able to issue any kind of refund.
• “I received my paper, but I want a refund”- The client can start a dispute process only within the 10 days after the first delivery of the paper. In case the paper was accomplished, and uploaded to you in the .pdf format, and you did not send us any complaints regarding the order within next 10 days, it will be approved automatically and no further refund requests will be resolved. It is your responsibility to check on the latest updates of the order to avoid any possible inconveniences.
• “The paper that I have received was plagiarized”- Each accomplished paper is checked for plagiarism by our system very precisely. However, please note that the only system that shows 100% correct results is Turnitin. In case you have found plagiarism in the paper, please provide our customer support team with the plagiarism report and your paper will be either revised or the dispute process will be started. Please keep in mind that we accept plagiarism reports from your university or Turnitin only. WARNING! In case you check your paper through Turnitin, all the content that you insert there will be saved in the system and next time you check your paper via Turnitin, the system will show 100% plagiarism.
• “I would like to have my money back for the additional services”- No money can be refunded for the following additional services as: writer’s samples, summary page or editor’s service. You are eligible for requesting a refund for changing the level of the writer only in case the writer has not been assigned yet for your order.

If you have any questions or issues, you are welcome to contact our Customer Support Team anytime and any day for 24/7. We will resolve all the issues in the most suitable way for you.