Revision policy

Being one of today’s most successful companies providing academic assistance, we guarantee that our customers get the best quality service. Once the order is ready it’s been forwarded to you and in case you need to make any changes to the paper you can get unlimited number of free revisions. All you need to do is provide us with necessary comments. 

Main terms are the following:

• Instructions: The original instructions of the order cannot be changed and the comments you provide for revision should meet the initial requirements for the paper.

• Revision submitting: when submitting comments for the paper revision, please specify the number of your order. The comments should be sent to or submitted by clicking on “request revision” button on your personal page.

• Revision request time: a customer can request unlimited number of free revisions until he/she is fully satisfied with the order. Please mind, that our company can accept revision requests only within a 10-day period; it can be before the order approval or after it. No revision requests will be valid upon the expiry of a 10-day period. Once the first version of the paper was delivered to you, you have a right to request revisions only within the next 10 days.

• Revision comments: The comments provided by the customer for a revision should not contradict the initial instructions/materials for the order, otherwise you will be requested to pay additionally for rewriting or editing service, that corresponds to 50%-75% of the original order price.

• Writer: You can request reassigning the writer in case you are not happy with the quality of paper completed by him/her. The writer can be changed only after the completion of at least 3 order revisions. You will need to provide valid reasons for the request; only in this case it will be possible for us to reassign the writer.

• Progressive delivery: in case your order consists of 30 pages or more or if you ordered progressive delivery, it is possible to ask for free revisions within 20 days after you first received the completed order.

• Refund: Minimum 2 revisions are to be completed before you will be able to ask for a refund except for the orders with 3, 8 and 24 hours deadline (for such cases 1 revision is enough). We need to be provided with valid reasons to be able to accept your refund request.

• Time frame: revision deadline is 3 hours minimum. Be informed, that in some exceptional cases the writer’s deadline can be extended. In cases of 3 or 8 hours order deadline, the minimum time for revision will be 2 hours.

• You cannot request a refund (both full and partial, except for the cases when the writer was reassigned) if no revisions of the paper were done.  To send a request to our dispute department minimum 2 order revisions should be completed prior to that (for orders with a 3-8 hours deadline 1 revision is enough). Our Dispute Department handles each case on an individual basis.